Reynolds | Life On Video: Episode 1


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“As soon as I found skateboarding… everything else just stopped.” This is Andrew Reynolds recalling the time in his life when his identity officially shifted to “skateboarder.” His tipping point was a result of factors intersecting and weaving together all at once, but one of the biggest influences was also the most serendipitous: catching a commercial on TV for Vision’s “Psycho Skate” video. Reynolds says, “Something about it was just cooler than anything I had seen.” The idea that one of the most earth-shatteringly progressive skateboarders in the world was initially turned on to skating by an ‘80s artifact like “Psycho Skate” is jarring. It makes you appreciate that Reynolds is one of the few who truly guided skateboarding, creating a path and innovating a visual language that shaped our culture; when it comes to enduring trends, Reynolds is an undisputed leader.

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