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Five years ago, Temituoyo (aka “Tee”) Oroye was stabbed outside an In-N-Out in So Cal. Oroye was a recent transplant from the UK (the American experience: Fast food? Check. Violence? Check), minding his own business in the parking lot, when the assailant attacked him. When the local news stations interviewed him about the incident, a case of mistaken gang affiliation, Oroye summed up his incredulity perfectly: “I don’t bang. I don’t do any of that stuff. I just skate.”

Oroye filmed a shitload of footage in the years that followed, cranking out clips for over a dozen montages and parts. The scar from his attack has healed nicely, and it seems like he’s channeling the trauma from that experience into the destruction of every spot he comes across. Welcome to America, Tee—maintain your weapon and you should do just fine.

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