The “303 Does PHX” Video


Spencer Semien, Trevor Theriault and a killer crew from 303 take on some of AZ’s biggest blocks and hottest spots. You gotta see that last lipslide.

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Skaters in Video:
Michael Matlock @thematlock_
Heroki Asher @heroasher
Alex Gould @flexmontgumeri
Trever Theriault @fuck_yea_dingus
Devin Bagnoli @Devinbagnoli
Noah Schott @n.schottt
Spencer Semien @MrXNigeria
Luke Metzar @larryloudpac
Julian Christianson @Julianchristianson
Jaz Astudillo @colfaxcreature

Filmed by:
Nathan Rowland @nathanrowland
Spencer Burdock @spill_gnar
Coburn Huff @coburnhuff
Rich Colwell @unk_one

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