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UK artist duo Kai & Sunny are known for images of dizzying, geometric complexity made out of single lines. We’re proud to say that their latest work is now on display in The Berrics: The mural “Upward Turn” embraces the concept of change, creating dynamic movement through line and color shifts representing a driving action or force.

In their own words: “The lines in the work push and pull each other as if caught in a state of flux whilst other areas are free and exude speed and energy. The process is a methodical building of thin intricate lines upon each other applied with brush using acrylic paint. The result showing a powerful kinetic composition while a delicacy remains. The lines can change your perception of the shape while the foreground and background invite you to float in-between the two.”

To coincide with Kai & Sunny’s mural in the park, documented in the above video, we will have an extremely limited quantity of signed Element “Kai & Sunny” decks available in The Canteen at 5:00 pm PT. Thanks, Kai & Sunny! You guys are absolute geniuses!

If you’re in the LA area this month, you should check out Kai & Sunny’s current show, ‘IN THE DRIFT,’ which will be at the Corey Helford Gallery until Saturday, October 26. Here’s the address:

571 S. Anderson St (Enter on Willow St), Los Angeles, California, 90033

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